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The digital revolution in the construction industry

Construction industry is about to change by digital tools. We are a part of it and we aim to create value for the industry. At our worksites, we collect data about the things that work and, on the other, things that need to be improved. We use takt time production familiar from the automobile industry, conditions monitoring and digital tools that we have developed like Sitedrive and the open database Open Data Platform (OPD).

Data tools and real-time monitoring make it easier to detect errors as soon as they occur and so to prevent them from being reproduced throughout the building. With digital tools the on-site information can be analysed and visualised to everyone’s benefit.

Our construction sites are also going to be platforms for experimenting by the operators like researchers and start-ups. We will use the information collected and lessons learnt to continue developing new solutions at new building sites and will finally apply the knowledge to all its sites.

We aim to make the services and product thus developed available to other operators in the construction business, benefiting as many people as possible, both in Finland and abroad.

Digital tools enable smoother workflow on site

“Succeed on site” – is our ambitious construction development program, which focuses on the planning and technical solutions, common approaches, takt time production and the smart use of digital tools. The aim is to improve the conditions for successful construction.


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Succeed on site -report

Succeed on site – case study

The construction of the Capella apartment building in Helsinki’s Kalasatama has been an exercise in addressing the sore points of the construction business – quality, speed, safety and cost management – with digital tools and by changing the sector’s conventional operating methods.

For us, Capella was a pilot project that allowed us to put various new technologies to use that not only resulted in the building being completed faster, but also the quality of its construction, cost management and safety were better.

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