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Profitable housing construction

Apartment buildings exist for living. In residential and housing construction, the quality is aimed high – housing is good when it is good to live in it. But it is also important for the developer of the building that the construction project is profitable. Good residential construction can combine both a people-oriented approach and profitability. In cooperation, we develop, design, and build an apartment building that meets the customer’s goals – both financial and qualitative. We favor open business models, which together ensure that the goals of all parties are met. Smart construction serves everyone.

The best end result means profitable and cost-effective construction for the developer and comfortable housing for the end user.

Designed together

By planning and co-creating together, you will get a project plan that meets your needs, budget and goals. After the first drafts, you will receive accurate and complete information on the cost and profitability of the contract based on our cost databases. It allows you to easily make an data-driven decision to start a project.

Quickly completed

Dividing a contract often means a large number of different hidden costs and bottlenecks. You get the fastest throughput and the best profitability when we are responsible for both development and implementation. That is why we always recommend a total liability contract in residential construction.

Transparent reliability

No one likes uncertainty in construction projects worth millions of euros. Before you sign a contract with us, you will receive an offer based on accurate data models that we will not slip on. Our digital tools ensure that the entire project is transparent to you from start to finish.

Individual standardization made possible with modular housing design

Each home is unique, but fortunately, people’s housing needs and desires are much the same. In housing construction projects, it is possible to utilize the modular housing library developed by Fira, which is considerably faster than traditional sketch design and more accurate in terms of cost calculations. With the help of modular housing design, it is possible to flexibly produce apartment building plans for different plots according to different housing distributions. Carefully designed housing bases come in many different sizes and floor variations, which are utilized to ensure that the apartments are exactly the ones where people are good to live in.

The main benefits of modular design are speed, feasibility and functionality of solutions, and accuracy of cost calculations. When a building is made of finished pieces, the result is faster lead time and a uniform end result. With the help of our housing library, we can quickly make a sketch of an entire apartment building. With just a few hours of work, we can predict the price of a project with an accuracy of a few percent. This brings support for decision making and gives a realistic picture of the outcome of the project. Thanks to our housing library and good design work, we can ensure from the very beginning that the house meets the profitability target we have agreed with the customer.

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