Let’s break the pipe renovation myths!

A renovation can be agile, fast and nice experience.

a revolution in plumping renovations

We bring the service aspect to pipe and building renovation projects. The building stock in Finland is relatively old, which is why plumbing renovation projects are affecting an increasing number of people. This makes the service aspect important to us.

We break the pipe renovation myths by offering the best service experience out there. → Read more about agile plumbing renovation projects.

  • Project start

    The need for a plumbing renovation project is usually discovered a couple of years before the project starts. You should make effective use of this period and dare to plan boldly. What are your housing cooperative’s wishes for better living? Could you use this opportunity to modernise the courtyard, redesign shared facilities, create a stronger sense of community or carry out other renovation projects at the same time? You should discuss more extensive plans in good time, so you are able to express your wishes during the project planning phase.

    You should also study the various financing options for the plumbing renovation project. Infill development can be one way to finance the housing cooperative’s renovation projects. Fira offers a free infill development service for housing cooperatives. We assess the potential for complementary construction and find an investor for the project.

  • Project planning

    Project planning involves determining the goals, implementation methods and scope of the project. It pays to invest in the planning phase, as the decisions made during this phase determine later costs in practice. To support decision-making, the necessary reports are prepared about the condition and renovation needs of the housing cooperative’s building, and the technical implementation options are studied.

    It’s a good idea to include Fira Agile in planning a plumbing renovation project. This ensures the sensibility and feasibility of the planned solutions. We excel at communication, and our strengths include the ability to make use of multifaceted methods that encourage participation. This ensures that the views and wishes of the housing cooperative’s shareholders are integrated into the decision-making process effectively. The most important aspect is to ensure that the renovation project will be carried out in line with your housing cooperative’s individual needs, specific situation and common vision.

  • Design

    In the design phase, the details of the renovation project are determined in line with the overall solution provided in the project plan. This phase results in the actual implementation plans and drawings, and the work can start based on these.

    In design management, Fira Agile makes use of the Big Room method, which brings together all of the parties to the design process. Extensive expertise ensures multifaceted solution options and the compatibility of the various plans. Smart comprehensive planning saves costs and often also reduces the time required for the project.

  • Project Implementation

    Fira Agile carries out plumbing renovation projects with respect for people’s homes. We offer residents an opportunity to improve their homes in many ways during a plumbing renovation project. Our average score for customer satisfaction with our renovation projects is 4.2 out of 5.

    A site-specific service engineer is responsible for shareholders’ bathroom designs and communication with the shareholders. For example, each shareholder is provided with a 3D image of their bathroom, which makes it easy to visualise the plans. Through active development work, we have succeeded in reducing the apartment-specific duration of plumbing renovation projects by as much as 50 per cent.

    We can implement plumbing renovation projects as traditional competitive bidding contracts, which only include the implementation based on completed plans, or in line with the Fira Agile model, where the entire renovation project can be purchased as a whole, from project planning to the end of the implementation.

  • Financing

    Fira Agile has a partnership agreement with Santander. This enables our customers to finance home and bathroom alteration work during a plumbing renovation project by means of a loan granted by Santander.


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