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Commercial construction as a service with the best solutions available

You have goals, a vision and a budget, we have the expertise to achieve them. Our project development involves all stakeholders in the planning from the very beginning, after which our solution development team offers a plan that suits your needs. You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel to create unique outcomes. Our standardized concept-based solutions are a way to make robust cost calculations, speed up implementation, and guarantee a functional end result.

There is a solution to every need you have – and if not, we will develop it.

Kustannustehokkaat ratkaisut

Cost effective solutions

By planning together, you will get a project plan that exactly meets your needs, budget, and goals. In planning, we give priority to the needs of you and the end-users. Where possible, the planning also takes into account future needs and presents clear prices for the necessary renovations. With solution development, we ensure that the price we estimate is secure and competitive. Our own solution development team optimizes the technical solutions around the customer’s operations, also considering the economy and feasibility of the technical solutions.

Quickly completed

Takt production and market-leading digital solutions ensure that your project starts to get its price back quickly. If necessary, the contract can also be planned so that the new premises can become partially available to you even before the final completion of the work.

Transparent reliability

With us, you don’t have to guess costs or budget usage. If you wish, you can even get a real-time view of work steps and payments. Our digital tools ensure that the project progresses on schedule and at an agreed price. Our contract is carried out transparently, whether the contract was carried out with an overall responsibility, alliance, or project management model.

Our special expertize

Industrial production facilities and logistics centres

We create functional facilities for our customers’ processes

pysäköintilaitoksetParking facilities

Usability, high quality and cost-efficiency through our special expertise

Office and business premises

The facilities are always built on their users’ terms, meaning that we pay attention to tenant comfort, among other aspects, throughout the project. This is to ensure that the facilities serve their purpose and environment.

Koulut ja oppimisympäristötLearning facilities

Our finished process and cost-effective implementation ensure that the price of the contract remains under control and the facilities are still healthy and usable for years to come.

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Commercial Construction
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Sales & Customer success
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Head of Production
Commercial Construction
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