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We build safely, with high quality, and above all – we listen to people.

Palvelut - Liike ja toimitilarakentanminen

Commercial construction

Facilities that meet the customers’ needs and wishes and support their operations. Our scope of operations is wide, ranging from incineration plants to international head offices and from small shops to parking facilities.

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Palvelut - Modernisointi


We see potential in renovation challenges. By listening to the customer and their needs, we can determine the goals for the project together. We make the impossible possible.

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Palvelut - asuntorakentaminen

Residential construction

An empty plot means nearly limitless opportunities. Our residential construction experts help you create apartment buildings that meet your needs.

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Pipe renovations

We bring the service point-of-view to pipe renovations and repair building. A renovation can be agile, fast and nice as an experience.

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Project development

When planning a project, the most important aspect is to ensure that the end result will serve the users’ needs and wishes as effectively as possible.

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Verstas Workshops

Verstas is a concept, where the client, users, designers and builders got together to combine their skills and plan the project. 

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Palvelut ketterä

Fira Ketterä

Fira Agile is the better way to carry out a plumbing renovation project. The concept is based on people’s housing and living needs in their homes and the entire building.

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Palvelut - ryhmärakentaminen

Group building

Group building are projects where a group of people join to carry out a construction project, instead of one construction company. Each participant can individually decide when to come on board in the project and how much they want to influence the outcome.

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Urban infill

Before, residential buildings were constructed leaving lots of free space around them. Consequently, there may be untapped capital on the housing cooperative’s lot that can be used for infill development. How about your cooperative?

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Smart services

Smart solutions improve the productivity of construction and enable a successful construction site.

Palvelut - Sitedrive

Fira Sitedrive

Sitedrive is a modern scheduling software, born out of the construction firms’ needs to match schedules and workforce.

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Palvelut - Modules

Fira Modules

Design, intelligence and innovative technology through modular solutions.

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