Etusivu reference As Oy Helsingin Viuhka

As Oy Helsingin Viuhka

VVO Kodit Oy

2015 - 2016

Retkeilijänkatu 1, Helsinki


4500 sq.m.

Lead design
Konkret Architects Ltd

Contract Type
Turnkey contract

About the project

Big Room enables innovative planning

Fira built for VVO an 11-storey rental apartment building next to the metro station in the Rastila district, Helsinki. Built on land reserved by Fira, the building has a number of special features, including carpooling to reduce the need of parking space, using precast technical slabs and walls from Parma, and introducing cantilever balconies designed in Big Room.

The Big Room design team consisted of the project parties who met regularly, even every week in the beginning of the project. In other words, the collaboration starts before the actual build, giving the parties a better understanding of the various needs and the common goals.

“Based on the alliance concept, Big Room is a good and efficient method. Genuine cooperation does not occur as a matter of course in the construction industry. As 90% of the construction costs are fixed during the design phase, collaborative planning will have a major impact on the final price tag and the schedule. Contrary to the conventional ways, Big Room provides all parties a setting where they can find a joint solution, like the innovative balconies in this project.”
– Jaakob Solla, head designer of the project, Konkret Architects Oy

The cantilever balconies are a joint innovation. Balconies with a steel construction were too costly and did not match the architect’s vision. Together the parties designed cubic cantilever balconies with no restrictions on where they can be placed on the building. The building won the prize of the Concrete Building of the Year in 2016.

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