Etusivu reference Renovation and extension of a public swimming pool

Renovation and extension of a public swimming pool

Rajamäen uimahalli Oy

2014 - 2015

Kuntolanpolku 1, Rajamäki

Business premises

4 000 sq.m.

Lead design
Arkkitehtitoimisto Lehto Peltonen Valkama Oy

Contract Type
Project Management

About the project

The public swimming poll in Rajamäki, Nurmijärvi, underwent a complete renovation including an addition of 2,000 sq.m. boasting three new pools and a new gym. The new design solutions created in the project resulted in significant cost saving. Integrated working methods, like weekly Big Room design meetings, enabled collaboration between the parties and value creation for the project.

“Fira is an interactive and competent partner that actually finished the project ahead of schedule. There were no issues or problems that would have been off the table. Every time, the constructive dialogue had a good outcome and both parties were fine with the compromises. More than just a builder, Fira was a service provider keeping us informed throughout the project. Fira really grasped our vision to be the eco-friendliest public swimming pool in Finland, and our vision was present in their way of working too.”
– Juha Ahonen, CEO, Rajamäen Uimahalli Oy

The extension was built by organically adding the new part to the existing building. The idea was that people using the pool would not see any difference between the old and the new facilities. Rajamäki swimming pool is the only public swimming pool in the municipality of Rajamäki with approx. 40,000 inhabitants.

“The new facilities are great and we’re really pleased. There are more pools, there’s a gym, the shower rooms are much better and the ladies are prettier. There’s more space and less of a crowd.”

– Regulars of the pool, “The Boys”

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