Etusivu reference Sofiakylä care home

Sofiakylä care home

Ilmarinen Oyj

2010 - 2012

Kivimiehenkatu 4, Nokia

Business premises

2 000 sq.m.

Lead design
Arkkitehtitoimisto Päivärinne

Contract Type
Fira Verstas and Project Management

About the project

Built with Fira’s service development concept, Sofiakylä is a service centre for the disabled and persons requiring special support. Planning and construction brought together a number of professionals – HoviKoti, the staff of Sofiakylä, Ilmarinen, Mika Päivärinne Architects, parent of the disabled and representatives of the city – who participated in making the dream of Sofiakylä come true. The result is a unique home for the disabled, comprising nine places for temporary care (six for children, three for children or adults) and three group homes on the second floor of the building (four, five and nine flats, including one for persons with autism spectre disorders).

Jussi Peltonen, managing director of HoviKoti, sees Fira Verstas® project development process as an investment in the building project. Collaboration has strengthened the involvement in the project.

“When you have participated in the creation and planning, you are committed to the project. We wanted to keep the floor open for all actors in the field and discussions on the subject.”

– Jussi Peltonen, Managing Directors, HoviKoti

Unlike traditional building projects, the planning did not start with the engineering part; all planning was based on the needs of the disabled end users. Thanks to the collaboration, the construction stage was straightforward, as there were very few alterations needed anymore. Consequently, there were no glitches with regard to costs and schedules and the project could be carried out according to plan.

“We are quite obviously building something together. All site meetings are carried out in a friendly atmosphere and there have been very few changes during the construction stage. And those changes have been based on the user’s wishes and requirements, following from more detailed information about the clients’ needs.”

– Jussi Peltonen, Managing Directors, HoviKoti

Jyrki Latvala, site manager from Fira, and Fira’s on-site staff, foreman Pekka Niskavaara and site engineer Juha Iivonen, received much praise from the client for carrying out the project.

”The cooperation was seamless. I’m especially pleased with the many on-site consultations with Juha and Pekka about practical issues.”

– Riitta Renard, Managing Director, Sofiakylä Oy

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