Etusivu reference Kiinteistö Oy Estradi

Kiinteistö Oy Estradi

Sponda plc

2014 - 2015

Aku Korhosen tie 8, Helsinki

Business premises

5 700 brm2

Lead design
L Architects

Contract Type
Project Management

About the project

Fira’s project management contract resulted in a six-floor office building for several users located next to Ring I in the Pohjois-Haaga district in Helsinki. All designers created computerised models of the building and the models were then used on-site during construction. The building earned LEED Platinum rating.

“The schedule for Estradi was really tight, but Fira had everything under control and was proactive in finding new solutions and making the most of the time available. We were very happy with Fira’s dialogue-minded and solution-orientated approach throughout the project. Instead of stopping to wonder at problems, they started looking for solutions. Estradi is a modern building with excellent energy efficiency and Sponda’s first building awarded LEED Platinum rating. The pioneering services we created in cooperation with Fira for the premises include virtual lobby services as well as a cosy and welcoming lunch restaurant. ”

– Hannu Hirvensalo, Project Manager, Sponda

“The office facilities are excellent: they are versatile and adaptable and we feel at home here. Everybody working in the same multifunctional space has improved communication. Pop-up workspaces, coffee rooms, office phone booths and electric adjustable desks provide a good workplace. After the project, we have enhanced the office further.”

– Kati Tuulenmäki, Marketing and Communications Manager,
KONE Elevators Ltd

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