Etusivu reference As Oy Satumaanpolku

As Oy Satumaanpolku

Pipe renovation

08/2016 - 12/2016

Satumaanpolku 5, Helsinki

Pipe Renovations

20 apartments

Contract Type
Fira Ketterä

About the project

In November, Fira Palvelut carried out a pipe renovation project that turned out to be the most talked-about renovation in the country. The renovation of the pipes in a residential building in Roihuvuori, Helsinki, was a pilot project where the project caused residents inconvenience not for the usual three months, but a mere two weeks.

Fira Palvelut’s agile model for a two-week pipe renovation planned and executed in collaboration with the housing cooperative won the Asuntomarkkinat innovation award 2017. Fira Ketterä is an agile concept for one stop shop pipe renovations. It is the result of a long process at Fira Palvelut, involving all personnel.

The people behind the two-week pipe renovation at As Oy Satumaanpolku 5 gave proof of an exceptional team spirit. The project was organised as an alliance partnering Vahanen Group, Sähköurakointi Aho, LVI-Star and the housing cooperative.

The Roihuvuori express pipe renovation included replacing all vertical drain pipes in new or existing ducts. Water and power mains were replaced. All bathroom fittings and surfaces were stripped down and replaced. In addition, the two-week renovation was expanded to include replacing all doors, which was supposed to happen after the pipe renovation. As in most plumbing renovations, pipe lining was the method used in the main sewer line. In some stacks, lining was also used in a short horizontal section (2 metres) of the sewers which were difficult to reach for replacing.

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