Etusivu reference As Oy Niittykumpu

As Oy Niittykumpu

Pipe renovation

03/2015 - 11/2016

Niittykumpu 1, Espoo

Pipe Renovations

36 apartments

Contract Type
Main Contract

About the project

The pipe renovation in As Oy Niittykumpu 1 was of the traditional kind, including bathroom renovation. The renovation was especially praised for information and service to the residents, which received an average customer satisfaction score of 4.53/5. The industry-independent NPS score was 53, with 67 per cent of the respondents indicating that they would recommend pipe renovation with Fira Palvelut to others.

“I would like to give my warmest thanks to Terhi Halonen and Mika Kärkkäinen as well as all persons involved in the pipe renovation project for their positive, competent and helpful attitude. 

– Resident feedback

“I give the renovation the highest mark.”

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