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As Oy Myllytontti

Pipe renovation

06/2016 - 09/2016

Mahlamäentie 7, Nurmijärvi

Pipe Renovations

9 apartments

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Fira Ketterä

About the project

Pipe renovation done in two weeks

Tarja Rikman in Nurmijärvi has lived for fifteen years in an apartment building built in 1968. After two leaks in her apartment within a short period of time, the housing cooperative decided to replace all pipes in the building. They selected Fira, who performed the renovation in no more than two weeks.

Speed was the main distinguishing factor for Fira among the other contractors. Usually, a pipe renovation takes three to four months. Fira made it happen in two weeks. At As Oy Myllytontti, the work was done in two shifts and by close to forty workers.

“Fira, the building manager and the chair of the housing cooperative board came by to show the shareholders the plans for the renovation. The decisive factor was the turnaround time: many of the residents are working people and now we didn’t have to relocate for long,” says Tarja.

“Fira listened to the residents”

According to Tarja, the renovation of all toilets and bathrooms in every apartment went very well. Fira listened to the residents and the renovation was completed just as quickly as promised.

“The most important thing for me was that the renovation didn’t take too long and that Fira told us about the plans in detail. They were really good at informing us about all stages of the project. We even got information folders about all the ins and outs of each stage and their schedule,” Tarja says.

“We had to clear the apartments by 12 August and two weeks later we could move back in. That was incredibly fast! Fira also sent us information by e-mail about how the project was progressing. And they answered all our questions without delay,” Tarja comments.

The result met the expectations

The pipe renovations was important for Tarja who may be moving in the future and having the pipes in shape is a good selling argument. The renovation went so well that Tarja would be happy to recommend Fira to others.

“I just had to praise Fira”

“The pipe renovation removed my concerns. If I have to move, it will be easier to sell the apartment after the renovation than it would have been before it. The outcome of the renovation met all expectations and we could even choose the layout of the toilet: where to place the toilet bowl, shower and sink. We also got the tiles we wanted,” Tarja says.

“I’m really happy with Fira in every way. A friend of mine called me the other day to tell me that she was going to have the pipes renovated in her building. So I just had to praise Fira, and recommend that she contact them.”

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