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Taking the construction industry from Excel to the age of digitalization – Skanska and Fira Smart are developing a new application for use by the whole construction sector

June 23, 2021


Skanska and Fira Smart, a developer of digital construction services, launched a technology development project last autumn to create an application supporting takt production that will be available to all operators in the construction industry. The takt application is a modern tool for scheduling, production control and the daily management of the construction site. Improving the flow of work can enable time savings of up to 30 per cent.

The cooperation on the development of the application is based on a need, identified by both companies, for an agile digital tool that supports takt production, which is rapidly increasing at construction sites. Both parties feel that technological solutions that genuinely increase productivity can be created by combining the core competences related to the construction industry in application development and involving users in the development work from the start. The development of solutions that will take the whole industry forward requires companies’ investments and cooperation.

“In the past few years, takt production has become more common and its use has been expanding at construction sites. At the same time, a need has been identified at the construction sites for better tools to support takt production and to harmonize and standardize ways of working. At the moment, the tool primarily used at sites is still Microsoft Excel. There are no advanced and easy-to-use scalable software applications available that would enable the maintenance of a real-time takt schedule plan and the sharing of actual information on the schedule implementation between site managers and workers”, says Jan Elfving, Senior Vice President, Operational Efficiency, Skanska Oy.

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Time savings of 30 per cent

The new tool makes the everyday work at construction sites easier and smoother to enable the full potential of takt production to be harnessed

“For example, pilot projects implemented during the Building 2030 project of Aalto University showed that achieving time savings of 30 per cent in interior works was already possible in the first pilot projects. Fira Smart brings agility and innovation to the table, and Skanska high-level scheduling expertise. This creates great synergies and an excellent partnership”, Elfving says.

“There is a lot of interdependence in the construction business, and no operator can be successful alone. The productivity of the industry can only be improved by working across silos and developing technology for the use of the whole ecosystem. I am very happy about the fact that we have been able to launch technological development cooperation with a major international operator like Skanska. Fira Smart’s objective is to establish long-term partnerships and enable scalability for up to a thousand construction sites in the future. With the new takt application developed together, there is an excellent opportunity to accelerate the flow of construction, ensure high quality and improve productivity in the whole industry. We are currently testing the tool at Skanska and Fira worksites, and our goal is to have the application available to the whole sector at the beginning of next year. We also want to continue developing market solutions for the industry in collaboration with our partners”, says Jussi Aho, CEO of Fira Group Oy.

Construction sites involved in the development work

The goal is to take a major step in the use of takt production and to employ technology to offer construction sites modern tools for realizing the full potential of takt production. The tool improves scheduling, while also supporting other daily management activities. This way, it also improves productivity and quality. Strong user orientation is characteristic of the development work: the technological development takes place in close cooperation with work supervisors, based on the needs of construction sites.

Skanska and Fira Smart are developing the technology and tool in close cooperation with construction sites, and the Fira Sitedrive technology is used as the basis for the development work. The chosen sites have participated in the design and development of the tool and validated the added value provided by the tool in their daily work. The first version of the tool has already been tested in actual use at worksites, and the pilot projects will extend within commercial and residential projects during the autumn. Valuable information and feedback are collected from the sites to be used for further development.

→ Read more and download resources for takt production on Fira Smart's website

Further information:

Skanska Oy
Jan Elfving, Senior Vice President, Operational Efficiency, tel. +358 40 738 6100, jan.elfving[at]

Fira Group Oy
Jussi Aho, CEO, tel. +358 40 826 1146, jussi.aho[at]

Skanska’s operations in Finland cover construction services, project development for commercial properties and homes, and life cycle projects for the public sector. The construction services include the construction of buildings, building services engineering and the construction of infrastructure. At the end of 2020, the Skanska Oy Group employed 2,177 people in Finland.

Fira is a company that modernises the construction business and builds cities with people, creating opportunities for new business. Fira Smart Services Oy, which develops digital construction services, is part of Fira Group. The Group also includes Fira Oy, which serves as the main contractor in residential construction, commercial construction, modernisation and pipe renovation projects, and Fira Modules Oy, a developer of modular bathroom solutions. Fira Group’s sales in 2020 were EUR 249.6 million. The Group employs approximately 300 people.

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