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An exceptional bathroom pod from Fira Modules received a highly valued recognition of quality

March 5, 2020


The bathroom pod launched by Fira Modules at the end of last year received a highly valued quality certificate in line with the TR70:2018 requirements. The ground-breaking bathroom pod reduces the need for interior and technical building system work at construction sites by up to 50%.

The Bathroom Series 2.0 pod launched by Fira Modules, a subsidiary of Fira Group Oy, in November 2019 has received a certificate in line with the TR70:2018 quality requirements. To obtain the certificate, extensive testing needs to be passed successfully. The purpose of these tests is to prove that the bathroom is waterproof and withstands frequent use.

Deliveries of the bathroom pod started in February. The result of extensive research and development, the pod reduces the need for interior and technical building system work at construction sites, resulting in significant cost savings.

“It is important to us that external parties also verify the quality and manufacturing of our products. This impartial certificate gives evidence to building companies and future users of buildings that our modularly built bathrooms represent the highest level of quality and are very cost effective and sustainable,” says Sami Purtola, business director at Fira Modules.

Most of the technical building systems are installed in Fira Modules bathrooms at the factory before their delivery to the construction site. For example, heating, water supply, ventilation, drainage and electricity are pre-connected to bathroom pods. At the construction site, the bathroom pods are either installed floor-by-floor or lowered from the roof through a shaft into their places in the building. The modular solution of Fira Modules was developed by a large group of representatives of building companies and developers, designers from different fields, as well as an architect and industrial designer.

The Fira Modules solution is based on mass customisation, which makes use of a production model that is used in the automotive industry, for example. The pods are manufactured at the factory, while customers can choose the style of their bathroom, as well as accessories, from readily designed options.

“Modular construction and mass customisation can easily be scaled down. For example, bathroom pods can be divided into pod components. Modular construction also increases the level of occupational safety and offers opportunities for innovation and new technologies, as the manufacturing process takes place at a factory, not at the construction site. We believe that modular construction will revolutionise the entire building industry in the future, and the first steps in this direction have already been taken globally,” Purtola says.

Before receiving the Kiwa certification, a complete and finished bathroom underwent the following laboratory tests.

• A 10 cm layer of water was left on the bathroom floor for 24 hours. This test was repeated twice.
• Heavy bags were dropped on the floor from the height of 0.45 m.
• Water of 10 and 90 degrees was sprayed onto the drain, floor and walls for 60 seconds, with a 60-second break between each time water was sprayed. This was repeated 100 times.
• A weight of 400 kg was placed on the wall-mounted toilet.
• A weight of 150 kg was placed on the sink.
• Different loads were directed at faucets.
• The tests were conducted in accordance with European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) 022.
• Results in brief: The bathroom is waterproof and withstands the loads directed at it during testing.

Fira Modules also has the Kiwa environmental certificate as an indication of environmental sustainability. Fira Modules’ bathroom solutions minimise the use of material and the amount of waste during every manufacturing phase. Fira Modules’ bathrooms are safe to use.

More information:
Sami Purtola, business director, Fira Modules
Tel. +358 40 726 3112,

Fira is a growth company that modernises the construction business and builds cities with people, creating opportunities for new business. Fira Group is comprised of Fira Oy, serving as the main contractor in a wide range of residential and commercial construction, modernisation and pipe renovation projects, Fira Modules Oy, a developer of modular bathroom solutions, as well as Smart Services Oy, a provider of new services, products and approaches. Fira employs more than 300 people. Fira Group’s net sales and number of personnel have been growing since 2009.

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