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Value for construction

In the future, construction will increasingly resemble industrial assembly, with prefabricated modules being installed on-site. Fira Modules combines an intelligent bathroom module with technical building systems into a smart solution that addresses and resolves the greatest pitfalls of construction. Sensors and smart solutions installed during construction enable the development of functionalities useful for living and business operations alike.

Smart, modular construction will revolutionise the construction industry

In traditional construction engineering, suppliers are not requested to design their modular elements until the building has been designed. Fira Modules is an opportunity to create fully modular designs, meaning that the bathroom does not need to be designed separately for each apartment, as bathrooms can be mass produced.

We are committed to building with a heart, creating experiences for residents, designers, developers and builders around the world.

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Benefits of Modular Construction

Reduces the cost of construction

Prefabricated modules make construction faster and more cost-effective. The duration of the construction project decreases, along with operating and joint costs, as well as fixed costs. lorem ipsum 

Improves construction quality

The most demanding on-site installation and finishing work can now be completed at the factory. Production in consistent, controlled, weather-protected conditions ensures high-quality results, time after time.


More choices for residents

In modular construction, more attention can be paid to the needs of those using the space. Modularity means flexibility; for example, the bathroom can be customised to the resident’s needs and wishes.  lorem ipsum lorem ipsum

Smarter buildings

With Fira Modules, each apartment and the entire building have a single intelligent system and access to real-time information about electricity and water consumption and air quality, among other aspects, in the cloud.

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For builders

Prime-quality technical solutions and ease of installation. During the construction of apartments, most repair visits are related to bathrooms. Delays and additional costs can be brought under control when quality assurance and around 50 per cent of the interior work related to apartments are carried out in a controlled factory environment. The modules are not exposed to the weather on the construction site, as they are installed directly into a shaft once the delivery arrives. In terms of duration, modular construction is superior to traditional bathroom construction. An entire shaft can be completed in a day.

This also increases the efficiency of condition and data communications control, as Fira Modules makes it easy to store data collected during the project. Fira Modules serves as a hub for sensors, collecting data about humidity, temperature, air pressure and dust particles. It also serves as a wireless base station. Builders can make use of the condition data during construction.

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For designers

Mass-customisable technical building system module for easier design. Standard components are used to build intelligent bathroom elements that are easy to integrate into customers’ plans. Thanks to standardised mass-customised products, bathrooms do not need to be designed separately for each apartment or site.  The modules come fully equipped with most of the technical building system solutions, which have already been designed and tested, including details related to sound and fire engineering. During the construction of the building, the furnished and interior designed, stylish bathroom modules are installed vertically in a shaft, where they are easy to connect for use. The Fira Modules solution is suitable for intermediate floors with hollow slabs and Super Slabs, as well as those cast in situ.

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For residents

A smart bathroom pod is a symbiosis of design and usability. Residents can choose materials and furniture according to their needs and wishes. The functionality and atmosphere of the module have been designed with the user in mind. With Fira Modules, each apartment and the entire building have a single intelligent system and access to real-time information about electricity and water consumption and air quality, among other aspects, in the cloud. In the future, it will also be possible to control apartments remotely through various systems and consumer applications. Fira Modules is easy to use and serves the residents and the entire housing cooperative.


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