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What does it mean to work at Fira?

September 20, 2018


I often see photos and humorous personal descriptions of employees companies have posted on social media and their own websites. This makes me think of what might be the best way for us at Fira to tell a little more about ourselves in our own unique way – to give a glimpse behind the scenes.

There are nearly 350 employees at Fira. Our head office is a mobile open plan office, which theoretically means nobody has their own desk. Since we can’t keep our personal belongings in our desks, we are provided with lockers. The locker doors are painted with blackboard paint so people can write or draw whatever they want on them. Below, we have compiled a short analysis of the Fira staff, based on their locker door art.

It all starts with Perttu where pipeline renovation is concerned. Perttu is a salesman with the gift of the gab.

Laura K. There are two Laura Ks, so who knows which locker belongs to whom, especially as one locker is on top of the other? We know that one will be on study leave this autumn, and the other is our urban development manager, whose job is to win competitions for plots for us.

Sami is the very Sami who was responsible for the practical execution of a two-week pipeline renovation. A superman indeed!

Essi is all hearts and flowers. Essi has a vision and solid expertise to think things through from the user’s perspective. This woman has an answer for everything. And we mean everything.

Maria has a stylish and classy locker door design, just like Maria herself. She’s a true professional in customer experience and simplifying things, as well as the owner of the cutest office dog ever. She’s also famous for bringing souvenir sweets from abroad to the office whose flavours paint pictures of where she’s been.

The initial R and a red key ring. Hmm, this is tricky. Is it Riina, Riikka, Raine, Rami or the other Rami or Reo – hands up people whose name begins with R, whose locker is this?

Jesse: we have two of them too. One is in accounting, whose office by the look of things is occupied by giants: its desks are so high, and the exercise ball is 1.5 metres wide. Jesse no. 2 is in land procurement, a true professional and a true athlete.

Ville Sireni is our humanitarian residential building professional and concept creator. Ville usually looks like he’s up to some mischief and he always has time to help others.

Tuomas P. is the pipeline renovation professional who spreads warmth and happiness around him. Mr Palmu is always up for trying something new and he’s always ready for some problem solving. Always.

Antti: we have nine of them, which one is this? Is he the number cruncher from accounting, the dev, the chief site manager, the procurement or site engineer, or the BIM expert? What does this tell us? That we have so many cool professionals called Antti working at Fira!

Lauri is either the project development director who likes to wear a cap or the head of modernisation I met last summer at the Caverion modernisation project – what a great guy! The locker art clearly depicts a person, but which Lauri is it?

Matti dots his i with a heart. Awww, how sweet! There are nine Mattis to choose from at Fira, so I don’t know which of them is so lovable. All of them, I hope! From Fira with love <3.

Sami is one of our two Samis, who never fails to reply to an email, even if he is the CEO. Sami’s daughter taught us the important art of the floss dance and has been shortlisted for the most marketing-oriented engineer of the year award.

Jari H. Okay, so there are five guys called Jari in this place. At Fira, a Jari usually has several years’ experience, great expertise and often has something like “senior adviser” in his job title.

Timon (and Pumbaa) are my favourite Disney characters. But who is our Timon? I also need to know if there’s a Pumbaa somewhere? This may prove a challenge, as Timon tends to scurry underground. Maybe he’s someone from building technology?

Jaakko V. This man knows all there is to know about bottleneck theories and lean thinking. And his creativity isn’t just all talk: Jaakko was the mastermind who thought of installing remote cameras in bathrooms, revealing that bathrooms stood empty 80% of the renovation time. This led to the development of a new scheduling system which made two-week pipeline renovation projects possible.

Laura R. is our third Laura, who moved from service engineering and pipeline renovation to site engineering. Yes, at Fira you can swap sides and change your mind if that’s what feels right.

Kira first joined Fira as a trainee and the rest is history. In fact, quite a few of our trainees seem to stick around, as do our master’s degree trainees and at least one PhD.

Nina is one of our newest pipeline renovation talents. We love our families, and Nina’s offspring spent part of the summer with us to see what it was like to work with us. It seemed to be all about swings, building ski chalets in the meeting room and colourful rugs and all those lovely Fira people. We have a joke wall and ice cream too!

Hartsa. That would be Harri, who left us to set up his own business, but his name is still on the locker. Maybe it’s just not that easy to erase that Fira spirit – I feel you Harri!

IP man. Wow, this is tricky. He’s either the man dealing with IP addresses, or they’re his initials. I think it’s the latter.

Ella. I know this one. It’s me! A year ago, when I joined Fira, I noticed that all the names were written in the centre of the locker door. I decided I would be different. Think outside the box!

Hanna and a smiley. Hanna is a superwoman. I bet she has four hands and two brains. Hanna does everything at the drop of a hat, so it’s no surprise so many of us go to her whenever there’s trouble.

The other Perttu. We have at least three of them too! One knows RIB iTwo – possibly the coolest software on earth – like the back of his hand, another Perttu’s merits include commentating on curling on TV and the third understands the soul of pipeline renovation like no one else.

Sini is from our People team. There’s never a dull moment with Sini, and she loves animals and sport. She likes running and does so early in the morning with the rest of the Fira running club. Go girl!

Mörkö means “bogeyman”. This is a little scary! I need to get to the bottom of this. Maybe I should call ghostbusters.

M, just the initial written in longhand. M as in mystery! This will have to remain an unsolved puzzle, a bit like the Bogeyman.

Joakim is the one to blame for one of the new members of the brand team, by which I mean Pirita. Joakim convinced Pirita that Fira was the best place in the world to work, and the next thing we knew there was Pirita, in early 2018.

Jarmo is the sensei of pipeline renovation. He is the veritable master of pipeline renovation – respect!

Ayala is a service engineer. Picture this: pipeline renovation is one of the largest projects a building will ever go through, and who are the people who help the residents survive the ordeal? Our service engineers. Hats off to all service engineers!

Inka has the same surname as a certain ice hockey player. Well, that’s how I remember her full name. Inka has a sunny disposition and she doesn’t do grumpy. She loves horses and is a member of the Fira riding club (yes, we have a riding club).

Tero is our style icon. He is also our Phenomenon Creator, and seemingly has a wardrobeful of cool suits. His ringtone is Sandstorm. Anyone who has Darude as their ringtone must be up to some great stuff. Remember how big that hit was?

Jari Pulkkinen is one of the best-known characters at Fira. He lives and breathes safety and security.

Mikko, according to our company contact list, is one of six. The elegant swirl suggests this is an artistic character. Or perhaps not. This gets filed under M, as in the mystery-M, Mörkö and the other Mikkos. I don’t know who this is!

Anni Jenni – I am not quite sure if there is a person called Anni Jenni, or whether Anni and Jenni share the same locker. Be that as it may, Anni always has a smile on her face, and she’s usually managed quite a few laps at the pool or at least cycled to work before she gets started. Anni left a positive impression on me on my first day. She was very excited about a new dev Fira start-up business all the way from the Netherlands SiteDrive had hired.

Taina is one of our service engineers. Feedback from customers, work sites and colleagues about Taina is always positive. She is a true professional, who keeps her head cool and her heart warm. She’s also great with her hands: she balances office work with all kinds of crafts and DIY.

If you have a feeling your name should be on one of these lockers, don’t hesitate to be in touch!



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