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Understanding the past enables better future

April 11, 2018


We here in Finland take almost everything for granted. We are used to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. There’s no food that’s missing from our grocery stores. We can buy all the gadgets there is. We have buildings that can be warm or cool, sunny or shady, big or small, made of concrete or wood, whatever we desire. And when things got out of date, we discard them. But all these privileges must be re-valued now due the state of our environment and our planet. Can we, among other welfare states, adapt and newly prioritize our way of living so there would be better future for all humankind.

Fira’s Environmental Policy

I was asked to write a blog on environmental things here in Fira. The reason I got this honor of writing could do with the fact me being Project Manager on ISO 14001 -certification project that we’ve had ongoing for half a year by now. ISO 14001 is worlds most recognized standard that provides guidelines for companies how to lead their environmental related acts responsibly and effectively throughout the whole scale of their business’s. The goal is company’s constant betterment on its environment related actions and consequence.

Fira is keen on resolving the challenges of construction business. And the challenge of making profit while upholding natures resources may be the biggest challenge of construction business ever. As a responsible company and as one of the requirements of ISO 14001, we’ve published Fira’s Environmental Policy, which includes variety of principles how we’re going to make a better future for us all. The Policy refers to things such as educating employees, using digital tools, minimizing waste and recycling, promoting use of renewable energy sources, streamlining purchases and helping our customers to see responsible choices etc. Fira is actively seeking solutions on sustainable development in construction business. Whether it’s top-of-the-line appliances, building adaptability, new materials, different ways of generating energy, generating living communities or totally new ways of financing the projects, we’re interested in these possibilities of being part of the solution on the biggest challenge of construction business, and if you may, mankind, so far.

Change of Culture

In Okinawan karate, which has its roots in Chinese martial arts, there’s a thought signifying that a link to the past is a bridge to the future. I believe this works as a guide line in enabling better, cleaner and healthier, future by understanding our mistakes in the past. The world is waking up to the fact that natural resources are exponentially decreasing as the population on Earth keeps increasing and the needs and wants of human beings keep growing on. To break this self-destructive cycle, we need to leave all this behind, to the past, and change our way of living in the future. We need to reduce consuming and increase recycling and find new ways to make our living – innovative ways to do business. We need to change the mechanics of our society. I’m talking about change of culture. Let’s start #buildingmovement together, today.

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