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A two-week pipe repair – how is that possible?

November 8, 2016


Fira Palvelut’s pilot project for a two-week pipe repair has received a lot of media attention, with articles in, for instance, Suomen Kuvalehti, Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat. Many people have been asking why pipe repairs have always taken so long, if they can now be done in two weeks. The revolutionary renovation in Roihuvuori was different from conventional pipe repairs in practically all aspects. This is how you make a two-week pipe repair happen.


Pipe repairs are genuinely complex projects where the components to be replaced have to be adapted to the existing building. It is important to take the residents’ individual wishes into account. Handling all of this takes collaboration from many experts. Regrettably, genuine collaboration is frequently a missing component in building projects. In the Roihuvuori pilot project, the housing cooperation didn’t hesitate in a new, agile and collaborative way to carry out a pipe repair where the residents, Fira Palvelut, the designers and the key subcontractors came together already at the planning stage. The renovation was planned together with the residents in Fira Verstas workshops. Designers and builders streamlined their cooperation using the Big Room model. Any problems were addressed flexibly and collectively. The excellent cooperation continued also on site.


In a two-week renovation, there is no room for surprises. As a precaution, the Roihuvuori project was included preliminary preceded with test demo and careful inspections of the structures, to avoid surprises during demolition and installation. Because of the short turnaround time, the selected materials and components were quick drying and easy to assemble. The typical problem of the new pipes being too wide for the old shafts was avoided by installing the casings in the stair well.


The ultimate purpose of a pipe repair is to improve the living comfort for the residents through a technical update. Renovations are hardly ever just for fun. A pipe repairs serve their purpose best when the residents have the opportunity to select the options best suited to their home and tastes. Not even a two-week renovation is worth compromising the residents’ other needs. In Roihuvuori, almost all residents made changes in the tiles or fixtures in the basic layout. In addition, a handful of flats will undergo a bigger makeover at the same time with the bathroom renovation.

For more information on the agile pipe repair concept, Fira Ketterä, click here.

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