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The two-week pipe renovation was recognised with a SABRE Award

April 13, 2018


The pipe renovation concept of Fira Palvelut was recognised in the Real Estate and Construction category of the international, highly acclaimed PR competition, Sabre Awards EMEA, in 2017. In this context, the pipe renovation of a small Helsinki suburb left behind the launch of the world’s tallest building, located in Dubai, and the communication campaign related to the expansion of the Panama Canal. 

The two-week pipe renovation also won the innovation award of the housing market in Finland, in addition to which the association of professional board members in the real estate industry (AKHA) recognised it as the pipe renovation of the year. In the MTL Communications Awards, (organised by the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity) the renovation was furthermore selected as the communication work of the year.

How to create a phenomena

The launch was carried out boldly with the help of an outdoor advertising campaign, content marketing, social media and online advertising, as well as natural visibility in the media. The media was given the possibility to follow the progress of the renovation and to visit the site itself both before and after the renovation. The campaign was implemented in cooperation with a number of partners (including Drum Communications, Hehku Marketing and Futurice), and its planning began six months before the actual campaign period.

The two-week pipe renovation became a nationwide topic of discussion, questioning the old operating methods of the entire construction industry and forcing operators to put people first. The campaign’s net reach totalled 68.8 million, which is a significant figure in Finland, which has a population of roughly 5.5 million. The Finnish media published more than 200 articles, stories and reports on the renovation, and on Twitter, pipe renovations were discussed more during November than during the entire preceding year.

Ketterä was a success due to cooperation

In 2016, Fira Palvelut developed a pipe renovation concept called Ketterä, which aimed to halve the period of inconvenience caused to residents. The concept was perfected for a year, after which the dismantling and installation work carried out in at the pilot site located in Roihuvuori, Helsinki, was completed within two weeks.

The project planning phase gathered the client’s representatives, residents and main contractor together for the first time as early as in December 2015. In May 2016, the cooperation continued in a Big Room workshop, where the aforementioned were joined by the engineer and the subcontractors. The close interaction between the parties and the joint planning enabled the reduction of the period of inconvenience. The residents’ involvement from day one, as well as regular communication on the progress of the project strengthened the sense of community and the experience of a shared project. This is why the preparatory measures were not considered an inconvenience at all.

The renovation was completed without any major surprises along the way. Structures had to be opened up earlier than planned, but the original schedule held.

Rakentaminen - putkiremontit

The Ketterä concept is now available to the entire construction industry

The starting points in Fira Ketterä are the needs of living, both in homes and in the entire property. In Fira Ketterä, all parties involved in planning and implementation commit to shared goals. Ketterä allows you to buy the entire renovation – from project planning to the end of the implementation – in the form of a single project. At the same time, the concept aims to provide the best service experience in the industry.

Shareholders are listened to from the very beginning, because they are the foremost experts of their housing cooperative. Preferences regarding housing are planned together, and the technical solutions are implemented accordingly.

The renovation is also given a target price and a maximum price, which it will not exceed. All parties commit to shared goals and the transparency of costs.

Successful scheduling with Sitedrive

The new operating model requires the precise scheduling of work phases at the implementation phase. To ensure that the schedule holds, Fira Palvelut uses the Sitedrive software. Instead of the traditional day-level scheduling, the application draws up an hourly schedule, due to which the work’s progress can be monitored in very precise terms and changes are reacted to immediately. The application helps users to form a big picture, in addition to which an individual installer can be provided with as clear and balanced a task list as possible.

One of the greatest benefits of Sitedrive is that is stores all tasks of a site that have been completed and the start and end time of each job. During any given project, sites are likely to experience continuous changes which have an impact on schedules. By learning from them, we can improve our work at the next site.

Sitedrive is already in use in Finland and Sweden.

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