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Fira Modules reduces interior work by 50% on a construction site

June 28, 2018


For many of us, the bathroom is the most important room in our home – even though we may not necessarily be aware of this. We spend less time in the bathroom than in other rooms, which is why the bathroom is so important. Everyone has an opinion about what a bathroom should be like: large, small, cosy, beautiful, light and spacious, warm, atmospheric, reflective of our individual style… Above all, however, a good bathroom is functional: it has good ventilation and hot and cold water and is resistant to humidity.

Building a technically functional bathroom is a process that requires precision. A bathroom involves many technical building systems, which are among the most demanding areas of construction. In other words, its construction requires plenty of time and a team of professionals. To make this process more efficient, Fira has developed a new type of technical building system solution: the Fira Modules bathroom pod. We work to change the construction industry towards modular assembly, raise the level of quality, provide users with more options and improve the customer experience. Our smart solutions, including sensors, also make it possible to develop other useful functionalities.

What is Fira Modules?

Fira Modules combines a smart module with the bathroom and technical building systems into a smart solution that addresses and resolves the greatest pitfalls of construction. Fira Modules is a predesigned, standardised solution that can also be customised to the user’s needs and wishes. It is a smart bathroom pod built in factory conditions that is equipped with technical building systems – such as heating, water, ventilation and electricity – before its delivery to the construction site. The completed, sealed bathroom pod is installed in an apartment building under construction.

50% less interior work

The construction of a bathroom typically involves many work phases, a team of professionals and a large number of tools and materials. Coordinating the logistics, teams and schedules is a demanding and time-consuming work phase. Ready-made modules significantly decrease the need for various teams and supervisors, as well as logistics, as the construction no longer needs to be completed piece by piece. On average, a bathroom pod reduces the number of construction visits by 28 per bathroom.

Previously, bathrooms were built along with the entire floor during the construction project.  When using Fira Modules, the frame, floors and roof are completed first. The bathroom modules are installed on top of one another, floor by floor, in a purpose-designed shaft. The installation of a factory-made bathroom on a floor takes around an hour, meaning that all of the bathrooms in a shaft can be installed in just one day. With the installation of the bathroom pod, the level of completion of the entire apartment increases by 40 per cent in just one hour.

Overall, the time needed for interior work is reduced by up to 50 per cent. When the pods are delivered at a later stage of the construction project, the process can be controlled and the pods can be installed at the right time, avoiding any moisture-related risks.

A bathroom pod is intelligent

Bathroom pods are equipped not only with technical building systems, but also with intelligence. Their intelligent sensors continuously collect data about the building that can be analysed and processed for the needs of various users. For example, sensors can be used to monitor conditions on the construction site and in the apartments during the construction process. After the building has been completed, the intelligent sensors continue to make the residents’ daily lives easier.

Fira Modules is a solution for everyone. We are committed to building with a heart, creating experiences for residents, designers, developers and builders around the world.

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