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Residential construction is about building homes for people profitably

May 29, 2018


Homes are meant for living in. In residential construction, the requirements for quality are high: an apartment is good when it is nice to live in. For the developer, however, it’s also important that the construction project is profitable. In other words, good residential construction combines a human-centred approach with profitability.

Fira has participated in a wide range of apartment building projects with our customers including developers, rental housing companies and foundations. At the moment, we are involved in a group construction project where ordinary people are creating the apartment building of their dreams.

Cooperation models for project development and agreements

In addition to a human-centred approach, costs and profitability are important in residential construction.  We begin project development by determining the goals. When necessary, we use Verstas, a workshop concept we have developed to bring the project parties to the same table to share their views.

Through discussions, we determine profitability and financial goals together. When determining profitability, we compare the customer’s revenues with Fira’s information about construction costs. Even with just a little information, we can provide a cost information model about the site.

Together with you, we will develop, design and build an apartment building that meets your goals – in terms of both economy and quality. By using open business models, we ensure that all parties’ goals are met.

Production expertise as early as the planning phase

If you are aiming for rapid implementation or the effective use of space, we involve the best experts in the project and ensure that your goals are met.

At a Verstas workshop, we fine-tune the goals together in a process that ensures the participation of all project parties. Once the first draft plans have been completed, we calculate the cost and profitability of the project, making use of best-in-industry information modelling software, such as the RiB iTWO cost management program.

Production is integrated into the project as early as the planning phase to ensure an uninterrupted process and prime-quality work.

We use the best project management tools to ensure high-quality results through schedule control and management and cost prediction and monitoring, as well as the management of the people working at the construction site.

Our apartment library supports profitability

Our apartment library enables us to quickly prepare a draft of an entire apartment building. It only takes us a couple of hours of work to estimate the price of the project with a tolerance of a few percentage points. This supports decision-making and provides a realistic picture of the outcome of the project.

Thanks to our apartment library and good planning work, we can ensure from the very beginning that the building meets the profitability targets we have determined in cooperation with the customer.

Here at Fira, we have noticed that construction projects tend to be about reinventing the wheel, again and again. We select technical solutions and production methods for the planning phase and the construction site. This enables us to offer the benefits of standardisation while also being attuned to the customer’s needs and wishes. We work to be an operator that brings the best partners together at the right time, ensuring the best results for apartment building projects.

Let’s build better cities for people together!


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