Etusivu Blog Press Release: Jimmy Ruokolainen appointed as director of Fira’s smart services


Press Release: Jimmy Ruokolainen appointed as director of Fira’s smart services

October 23, 2018


Fira, an innovator in the field of construction, has appointed Jimmy Ruokolainen as the director of smart services. He is coming to Fira from F-Secure where he was the head of business development and partnerships and also previously the product organisation.

Ruokolainen has a strong background in technology as he has also previously worked as the vice president of business development at Comptel and in a management position at Xtract where he was in charge of the productisation and internationalisation of machine learning, artificial intelligence and demanding analytics solutions. Ruokolainen will start at Fira on 22 October.

“Fira is a pioneer in the construction industry’s change which is strongly linked to servitisation and digitalisation.  Fira has set out to utilise these concepts to solve problems related to productivity and customer experiences in the field.  With the help of servitisation and technology, a sector that is traditionally very local can become international which is also Fira’s aim. The sector’s problems are global and Fira has already shown its ability to tackle these challenges in Finland. I am excited to be involved in this innovative work at an international level with top experts,” Ruokolainen says.

As his first step at Fira, Ruokolainen is going to address matters related to the development of productivity. A key role in this is played by the development of knowledge-based leadership. Fira has already engaged in technological development, for example, with the SiteDrive software and Ruokolainen wants to continue the development work within Fira and together with the partner network.

Jimmy Ruokolainen Fira Älypalvelut johtaja

Jimmy Ruokolainen

“What interests me at Fira is that it is a construction company that uses and develops leading digital tools. Fira uses and productises its innovations as part of the construction business and the enhancement thereof but also offers them to other companies with the aim of developing the entire sector internationally to serve customers better. It is our genuine aim to reform the construction industry with the help of new working methods and digital innovations and make it more efficient and customer-centred,” Ruokolainen says.

“Technology is a key element in reforming the construction industry and improving productivity and customer experiences. We are happy to have Jimmy’s experience and expertise at Fira. We believe that it will be of great benefit in developing our international business,” says Fira Group’s CEO Jussi Aho.

More information:
Jussi Aho
Fira Group
+358 40 826 1146

Jimmy Ruokolainen
Director, Smart Services
+358 40 774 8935

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