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April 16, 2019


The method of construction is changing and digitalization makes it more effective as work sites will be managed in an information-based manner and work is digitised in the planning stage. We want to convert data into information that benefits various operators during construction and the building’s entire lifecycle. In software products, we will concentrate on modern methods of efficient production, such as takt time, smoother workflows and defining the markets.

Better building and living through innovative construction business

We want new technologies and operating models to benefit people and the environment – in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and with long-term effects. The information-based and modular solutions focus on the user. As regards profitability development, we will concentrate on increasing the meaningfulness of work and on enabling better earnings by means of improved communication and better workflows.

At Fira, we are taking this change forward and call it the Building Movement. We believe that we will reach an international position of significant impact and value within four years from now. The future we are pursuing cannot be built alone, and we want to be open towards all parties interested in cooperating with us.

Construction is our cornerstone

Fira Group’s business consists of construction and the commercialization of new service concepts and smart service solutions. Construction is the cornerstone of our business and it facilitates the development of scalable service concepts and smart services for the Finnish and international markets. In accordance with our strategy, our focus is particularly on growing the Group’s smart services.

We have been building a strong basis for this through investments and recruitment. We believe that various platforms will increasingly accumulate value. With a total value of approximately EUR 10 million, two significant projects funded by Business Finland are moving forward. We seek new talents, such as user experience and software specialists and AI experts, through recruitment and networking. Finnish and international partners are engaged to create innovations and cooperation models.

Take part in the disruption of the construction industry – the last industry that hasn´t been digitized
Join our journey in transforming the $10 000 000 000 000 construction industry. We are putting pedal to the medal with scaling our digital & modular solutions for industrialized construction.
We are highly impressed if you have:

• the desire to change the construction industry.
• wisdom and courage to do it.
• ambition to learn and share your learnings.

Please let us hear from you!

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