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Reach for the stars, and you will at least go further

December 7, 2017


I was travelling by train in China last year. During this journey, I discussed the potential of the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project with my colleagues, my voice tinged with doubt. The screen on the carriage’s wall began to show a TV programme about Rovio during the discussion. Peter Vesterbacka was being interviewed, and I mused out loud about Peter gazing down at us cynics. My mind turned to wondering how many Finnish businessmen have actually been interviewed on TV in China. An open mind can get you far, or at least farther.

Just last week, Slush welcomed its guests by stating that normal has never changed a thing. The nature of envisioning is to direct thoughts towards seeing opportunities instead of compromises. For the most part, refining visions and analysing them from multiple perspectives bears more fruit than speculating about failure.

Impressive visualisation and skilful storytelling can bring a vision to life in an artificial reality. Business opportunities can be modelled in a whole new way, allowing marketing and sales to also accelerate internationally. We have initiated discussions about this and that, and now we are participating in the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project, i.e. brainstorming the FinEst Bay Area. The resulting international attention would benefit the suppliers and builders of living and office space, as well as all of Finland in the form of increased tax income. For example, the developing Otakeila and Aviapolis areas are already excellent innovation acceleration platforms for international ecosystems and living. We believe that Finland should cherish the different, what is better and bigger.

Fira would like to be on board to market Finland to the world in the spirit of Invest in Finland. This work usually bears fruit, one way or another. We are interested in the above-ground construction of areas in Finland and the offering of our digital concept to partners locally and abroad. For clarity, I will state that Fira is not an excavator or designer of tunnels, but to paraphrase Mauno Koivisto, “usually it is worth it”. It is worth it to be on board, as it always results in something. It is worth it to work together with great people and good companies, and the rolling stone gathers no moss.

I showed my FinEst Bay Area article published in Helsingin Sanomat last week to my son, Elias, who is 19. His comment was revealing: “It would be really cool to have these kinds of projects in Finland.” Elias did not worry about realistic tunnel boring schedules and so on. Finland turned one hundred years yesterday. Let’s invest in Finland. We think that it is time to make world-class plans, market them, and give opportunities a chance.

Jussi Aho
Fira Group Oy



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