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Fira Ketterä – staying on budget and on schedule

January 29, 2019


Fira Ketterä is a better way to carry out a plumbing renovation project. The concept is based on the needs people have in their homes and buildings. We believe in cooperation and wish to offer the best service experience in the industry. We engage all parties to collaborate towards jointly set financial and quality targets. Agile plumbing renovation is hassle-free, as you get everything from project planning to implementation from a single source.

Firm schedules

Fira Ketterä is known for its speed: in the best case, residents can return to their homes after two weeks. So what’s the secret? The Fira Ketterä method is to schedule renovations by bathroom, not by line. Per-residence planning allows for scheduling by the hour, not by the week. When everyone works in the right order, we can minimise the idle time in the spaces being renovated.

Sitedrive makes work flow better

Schedules are subject to change in any project, and hence they should be agile to make and adjust. Our scheduling application Sitedrive breaks projects down into small units, which helps us stay on schedule and manage the project as a whole.

Schedules can be adjusted as needed in Sitedrive. All changes can be relayed to the workers at the site in real time over the internet. This keeps everyone on schedule and on the common target, and the spaces stay in optimal use.

Supervisors adjust the schedule on a weekly basis, assigning tasks by hour. The adjustments are finalised with subcontractors, ensuring that the weekly planning serves work quality and other targets.

Property managers and the boards of housing companies can use Sitedrive to monitor the real-time status of the work site. A visual overview of the plumbing project’s progress introduces transparency and improves the quality of the work – common targets can only be achieved by working together. Sitedrive supports the work site and helps keep the schedule as situations change.

Target price for project management

Conventional plumbing renovation projects are divided into three parts: project planning, detailed design and implementation. A different party may be in charge of each of the three components.

By contrast, Fira Ketterä offers all three parts in one package. Our package has two stages where, after project planning, the detailed design and implementation can be put out to tender or bought from Fira.

Fira Ketterä plumbing renovation project stages:

  • project planning
  • detailed design and implementation.

When one party is in charge of management throughout the project, the company board, property manager and residents will have an easier time. This also saves time and money.

When a target price is set for project management, the buyer and the contractor sit on the same side of the table. Their financial interests converge: they share the finances and invoicing is open between the parties in the project. The project’s target price is set based on the project plan and detailed planning, and it is updated if the plans change.

The maximum price for the project is the target price + 10 per cent. The contractor, i.e. Fira, will bear all costs that exceed the maximum price; any costs exceeding the target price, as well as any savings, are divided between the buyer (the housing company) and the contractor. Project management projects with a target price make things easier for the buyer and seat them next to the contractor, instead of opposite to them.

Transparent and firm cost control

Our cost control features multiple components: after the project plan is completed, the parties set a common and binding target price and maximum price. We open up the plumbing project accounts for the housing company board. If necessary, the costs of the renovation can be inspected by individual invoice.

  • After project planning is complete, an offer is prepared that includes a target price and maximum price. The price includes the content that was mutually agreed upon for the renovation. Fira compares cost information based on completed projects and the tenders received. The maximum price is the target price + 10 per cent, and the target price is only increased if the content of the project changes.
  • In our implementation model, Fira, the housing company and partners commit to go below the target price. If the final price is under the target price, the savings are shared with the housing company using the agreed ratio.
  • In Fira Ketterä, our accounts are open to the housing company board. Members of the board can inspect the costs down to individual invoices. Our cost experts provide detailed cost information for the project and price comparisons will be made throughout the project.

Find out how a Fira Ketterä plumbing renovation project ensures a good quality result with excellent resident service.

What is Fira Ketterä?

Fira Ketterä is a plumbing renovation service offered by Fira, where

  • Residents have control and their everyday lives are improved. The renovation project is planned together with residents, and we help the housing company find a common vision while residents can make individual choices for their home.
  • Costs are controlled effectively. A target price and a maximum price are determined for the project. All parties commit to the common goals and the transparency of costs. Most renovations have achieved savings between 5 and 20 per cent.
  • The duration of renovations in apartments is halved.

If you are interested in agile plumbing renovation, please contact us:

Perttu Paavola
Project Manager, Fira Ketterä
045 131 0987

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