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Fira Ketterä – high-quality result and resident service

January 29, 2019


Fira Ketterä is a better way to carry out a plumbing renovation project. The concept is based on the needs people have in their homes and buildings. We believe in cooperation and wish to offer the best service experience in the industry. We engage all parties to collaborate towards jointly set financial and quality targets. Agile plumbing renovation is hassle-free, as you get everything from project planning to implementation from a single source.

High-quality result

For a high-quality result, the whole project has to be managed well from start to finish. Work site status is monitored with Fira Insite, and supervisors use the electronic site status information to manage the project. Insite allows general and regular supervisors to remove any obstacles for work and maintain optimal conditions for a quality result.

For example, the view in Fira Insite shows the tasks completed by subcontractors, the number of persons at the site, the schedule and any deviations. With Insite, information can be viewed all the way from the top level down to the details, allowing the root causes of any problems to be resolved.

Insite provides a single view into data provided by the applications in use. When the overall picture is up to date, information supports decision-making, control is maintained, and quality is assured.

Information flow and resident service

Fira Ketterä makes for an uncomplicated flow of information. Information is passed out during the renovation in whatever style fits best: by text message, email, letter, notices in the corridor or an online portal for residents.

Fira Ketterä never leaves the housing company board and residents on their own – resident service is available throughout the project. Our service engineers will be happy to help you choose materials, fittings and furniture for the home you want. Our resident service has answers for your questions, and our showroom container will be brought to you, so you can see the fittings and materials in person. The resident service keeps everyone informed and provides personal service.

Fira Ketterä keeps residents, shareholders and the housing company up to date on what is happening in the renovation. In addition to communication, Verstas, the comprehensive starter info package and service engineer services, the project includes two open-forum briefings. The briefings go over the different stages of the Fira Ketterä project with time reserved for discussion and the different parties available to field questions.

The resident service includes:

  • Centralised service for help and advice throughout the plumbing renovation project.
  • A dedicated service engineer responsible for bathroom designs. The engineer will advise and assist shareholders in their choices.
  • Drawings and a 3D model of your bathroom design, making choices easy to visualise.
  • A dedicated bathroom collection with the most popular bathroom materials, fittings and furniture assembled into stylish packages. In addition to pre-selected themes, shareholders can pick and choose items and materials outside the collection, as long as they meet Finnish building standards.
  • A showroom container parked at the housing company’s site – a chance to browse the options in person and get samples you can check out in your own bathroom.
  • Communication by means chosen by the resident: email, letter, text message, online portal or notices in the corridor.


What is Fira Ketterä?

Fira Ketterä is a plumbing renovation service offered by Fira, where

  • Residents have control and their everyday lives are improved. The renovation project is planned together with residents, and we help the housing company find a common vision while residents can make individual choices for their home.
  • Costs are controlled effectively. A target price and a maximum price are determined for the project. All parties commit to the common goals and the transparency of costs. Most renovations have achieved savings between 5 and 20 per cent.
  • The duration of renovations in apartments is halved.

If you are interested in agile plumbing renovation, please contact us:

Perttu Paavola
Project Manager, Fira Ketterä
045 131 0987

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