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PRESS RELEASE: Fira introduces intelligent, bathroom pods equipped with technical building systems

June 28, 2018


Fira Modules, a subsidiary of Fira Group, is introducing a new technical building system service: a smart bathroom pod. This intelligent modular element is mass-produced and equipped with technical building systems at the factory. Fira’s modules reduce the need for interior work on the construction site by up to 50 per cent.

Most of the technical building systems are installed in the Fira Modules bathrooms at the factory, before their delivery to the construction site. They are equipped with connections for heating, water, ventilation, sewers, electricity and data. On the construction site, the bathroom modules are lowered from the roof through a shaft into their places in the completed building.

This reduces the need and time required for interior work on the construction site by up to 50 per cent. At the moment, it is possible to install several shafts of bathrooms per day. This service is primarily intended as a design solution for builders and developers, but it is expected to benefit the entire construction industry.

The modules enable mass customisation, which revolutionises design. In traditional construction engineering, suppliers are not requested to design their modular elements until the building has been designed. Fira Modules is an opportunity to create fully modular designs, meaning that bathrooms and technical building system solutions do not need to be designed separately for each apartment or site, as they can be mass produced. In terms of interior design, however, the bathrooms can be customised to residents’ needs and wishes.

Fira’s bathrooms are currently available in two sizes and their mirror images. The smaller bathroom is slightly less than four square metres, with the larger one being slightly under five square metres.

“In our solution, design is centred around the user, builder and designer. We don’t design each bathroom separately in a project. This improves installability and the functionality and usability of the technical building system solutions, as well as the design details, while also improving productivity significantly,” says Ville Wikström, Vice President, Fira Modules.

The module is integrated into other technical systems in the building, particularly into intelligent features and the data collected through them. This enables the collection of data about apartment-specific temperature, humidity, energy consumption and any damage, as well as the adjustment of operations and the prevention of problems. The building’s infrastructure becomes an active part of the residents’ daily lives.

Modular construction is not new in the construction industry. On the global scale, concrete elements are a typical example of modular construction, and have been used in the Nordic countries for decades. Fira’s module differs significantly from the other options currently available. Fira Modules offers smart building services and bathroom modules assembled at factories and ready for direct on-site installation in the building’s bathroom line. Globally, the connection of intelligent features and data communication networks to modules is a thing of the future.

“We believe that modular construction will revolutionise the construction industry. It affects productivity and the intelligence of buildings. This can be compared to the automotive industry. The conveyor belt enabled the mass production of cars. Today, cars consist of a large number of specifically designed modules, and each car also contains a great deal of intelligence – that is, a computer. We are accomplishing the same in the construction industry.”

More information:

Ville Wikström
Vice President
Fira Modules
+358 40 566 3033

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