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Doing what’s best for staff

July 20, 2018


Modern human resource management is all about interaction. Bureaucratic operating models don’t support today’s work, since people’s life situations and roles vary a lot and are changing all the time. Many HR models are based on the needs of the HR bureaucracy, rather than taking the point of view of employees. As a result, responding to real needs is not made the top priority.

The amount of knowledge is increasing at a dizzying pace, and it’s essential to be able to keep up with everything. The largest companies are no longer topping the rankings for best employers. Instead, the communal aspect and meaningfulness of work in respect to one’s own values are coming to the fore. In modern human resources management, each person is an entity whose many dimensions must be kept in balance.

The community fosters individual development

Self-management is one of Fira’s key themes in HR management. To be able to support each employee’s development in the best possible way, the company’s operating models must be properly geared towards this.

The working community sets frameworks for operating models, provides support for career paths and sparring for training, and also provides opportunities to move on to new types of work within the company. Every employee must be seen as an individual and holistically, as someone who is also connected to those around them and who has a life outside of work and whose psychological and physical wellbeing needs to be attended to. For example, in his book Voittamisen Anatomia (“the art of winning”), Aki Hintsa shows very clearly how each person must be in good overall shape if they are to function to the best of their abilities. Each piece has to be in place in working life as well.

Employee 2.0

We at Fira make sure that every employee’s skills are kept up to date, that they stay at the forefront of learning. In order to develop, we must invest resources in learning, development and innovation. In the future, with the aid of machinery and other technology we will be able to better facilitate and rationalise our work; and to make this future come about, work must be done now.

Work time is quality time

In his blog text Työelämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa (“working life is the best time”), our HR development officer Henri Hietala questions our conception of quality time and the fact that working time is not considered to be quality time, at least now very willingly. “Although a good employee experience is already worthwhile in itself, it also has many positive side effects. A good employee experience means that it’s nice to start the new working week, and that one has a good feeling. This is also visible to our customers, partners, and, of course, even to your colleagues, creating an even better experience”.

For one to be able to look forward to waking up to a new working day, the management of human resources must be carefully thought through and developed from the employee’s point of view, while at the same time taking a service-minded approach.

We are constantly looking for new and competent people to join our team.
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