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Design based on modularity

June 28, 2018


In the construction process, bathrooms are usually designed for one apartment or site at a time. A large number of details must be taken into account, as bathrooms involve several aspects of technical building systems. It must be ensured that the space is resistant to humidity and that the sewer system works. Attention must also be paid to the quality, size and appearance of the bathroom, as well as to the materials used. Fira has developed a solution that saves time and resources in the planning phase.

We make designers’ work easier

Fira Modules is a smart bathroom pod completed at the factory. It can be installed as it is in an apartment building under construction. Modular construction is not new in the construction industry. Typically, modular elements are not ordered and designed until the building has been designed. Fira Modules has a new vision on modular solutions: design based on modularity. This saves valuable time, even before the first brick has been laid.

Fira Modules resolves many issues related to design. Each bathroom does not need to be designed separately, as the module includes everything that has already been designed.

Technical building systems readily available

Completed at the factory, the bathroom pod includes a technology shaft for connecting the necessary technical building systems. The shaft includes ducts for ventilation and electricity and pipes for hot and cold water. Technical building systems are one of the most demanding parts of the planning phase. Time is saved when the necessary, functioning technical building systems are integrated into the module at the factory and are easy to connect to other technical systems in the building.

Quick installation through a shaft

For the smart bathroom pods, a full-height shaft is designed for each building for their floor-by-floor installation. All of the bathrooms in a shaft can be installed in just one day. In other words, the frame and floors of the building can be completed before the installation of the bathroom pods. This saves time, even in the planning of logistics, as the schedules for bathroom fitters and material deliveries don’t need to be coordinated with the entire construction project.

Read more about the new Fira Modules bathroom series 2.0 here

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