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A custom bathroom in four easy steps

March 23, 2016


At the planning stage of a pipe repair, all flats have the same, basic bathroom. A basic bathroom includes all ”necessary” fittings and utilities but, for obvious reasons, it is not possible to adjust the layout to the individual requirements of all residents.

Customising the bathroom does not necessary require the input of an interior designer or a lot of money. A good start is just observing the way you use the bathroom over a couple of days. How do you feel when walking into the bathroom? Are the enough hooks for towels or do you drape yours over the door to dry? Is there enough storage or are the bottles and tubes jumbled all over the counter?

Make notes of what you do in the bathroom and how well suited (or not) your current bathroom is to your routines. After this, it’s much easier to adapt the basic layout to create a bathroom just for you.

Below, we have listed four things to help you get started with customising your bathroom.

1. Select the surface materials with care

Walls and ceilings have a big effect on the personalised character and feeling of your bathroom, but changing them afterwards takes a lot of work. Also think about the patterns and colours of the floor tiles. Look for inspiration for patterns on, for example, Pinterest or Google. A search for “bathroom tiling ideas” should give you several useful hits. You should always pick the tiles in a supplier’s showroom.

2. Lights create the atmosphere

Select another light source and change the atmosphere of your bathroom. You should have both ambient light and spotlight, for instance, for your makeup mirror. Think about the effect of colour temperature on creating the desired atmosphere. Dimmers are practical for adjusting the lighting to different situations.

3. Pick practical fixtures

Especially when choosing fixtures, you should think about how you use the bathroom, and for example, what requires storage. Would a cabinet with doors or drawers be more practical under the sink? Would you like to have mirrors on both sides of the doors of the over the sink cabinet, or would you prefer a separate vanity mirror? Visit stores that sell bathroom furniture and fittings and tell the staff about your ideas, Changing fixtures from the basic layout will probably cost a little bit more, but a practical bathroom is much more pleasant in the years to come.

4. The finishing touches

Make use of the uncovered walls and ceilings. Today, there are many handy and space-saving ideas for creating more storage for towels, cosmetics etc.

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