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Commercial facilities are designed focusing on their purpose

May 25, 2018


Fira builds many types of facilities, from minor to major sites. Over the years, we have built car parks, logistics facilities and industrial and production facilities, as well as offices. Our commercial construction operations range from construction engineering to user-focused work based on dialogue.

The purpose of the building determines much of the planning approach. With industrial and production facilities, it’s important that the facilities serve the production process. It must be possible to manufacture products as smoothly and safely as possible in a factory. When designing parking facilities, usability and quality must be taken into account, including the fact that it must be easy for people to find their cars.  When designing office facilities, attention must be paid to the users’ needs and wishes and the necessary functionalities.

Costs and urgency cause concern

Much like in all other construction, costs are among the greatest concerns in commercial construction. Major projects involve massive amounts of money. How to make ends meet and how to make the solution as cost-effective as possible must be considered and calculated carefully.

Thanks to careful planning and Fira’s strong expertise in structural engineering, projects can be taken in the desired direction in terms of costs in an early stage. Resources will not be wasted on unnecessary operations. We have fine-tuned our process to eliminate unnecessary costs without compromising on quality.

Urgency and delayed schedules are another major cause for concern in construction projects. However, staying on schedule is possible when the operations are planned and managed effectively.

Here at Fira, we pay special attention to the management of construction projects. Good project management enables us to ensure that we stay on schedule from the very beginning.

A sense of urgency often sets in as early as the contract bidding phase. Fira’s project development model enables the rapid provision of quotes and quick responses to requests for tender.

Comparable prices for various options

Cooperation is important to us, and we listen to all project parties. However, the facilities are always intended for their users, which is why it’s particularly important to listen to their needs and wishes. What would make their work easier?

Our customer-focused operating model has gained a great deal of praise from clients and users alike. Common discussions are the best way to get an idea of the needs and wishes related to the facilities. Based on such discussions, the professionals at Fira calculate prices for various needs and wishes, which facilitates decision-making.

When the needs and wishes have price tags, we can determine together what is most important in terms of the facilities and which options we should pursue.



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