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Modular construction

In the pursuit of the perfect bathroom

Modular construction allows building elements to be designed perfectly. Traditionally, the design of bathrooms built on-site is limited by space, time and budget. Fira Modules 2.0 was designed in a consortium together with designers and user representatives. The main theme of the design work was the idea of a world-class bathroom module that will have […]

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The benefits of modular construction – how much can you save?

The benefits of modular construction can be divided into three categories: design, construction and use. For designers, modularity means simplicity, as the modules integrate technical building systems, among other things. You can read more about this in our blog post on design based on modularity. In addition, prefabricated bathroom modules reduce work phases on construction […]

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Modular building now and in the future

The modular building has come a long way from the modular bathroom pods of the 1970s. Module libraries are rapidly being created in Finland in collaboration with various operators in the construction industry, and the modular building practices of the future will enable flexible modification of flats and houses to suit residents’ life situations. Modular […]

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Developers, builders and designers – are you familiar with modular thinking?

Modular construction was introduced globally a good while ago. Fira is now introducing a new service, a bathroom pod equipped with technical building systems, which are considered to be the most demanding aspect of construction. Our pods are more than just modular elements: we wanted to integrate modular thinking into the process as early as […]

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Fira Modules reduces interior work by 50% on a construction site

For many of us, the bathroom is the most important room in our home – even though we may not necessarily be aware of this. We spend less time in the bathroom than in other rooms, which is why the bathroom is so important. Everyone has an opinion about what a bathroom should be like: […]

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Design based on modularity

In the construction process, bathrooms are usually designed for one apartment or site at a time. A large number of details must be taken into account, as bathrooms involve several aspects of technical building systems. It must be ensured that the space is resistant to humidity and that the sewer system works. Attention must also […]

Modular construction News

PRESS RELEASE: Fira introduces intelligent, bathroom pods equipped with technical building systems

Fira Modules, a subsidiary of Fira Group, is introducing a new technical building system service: a smart bathroom pod. This intelligent modular element is mass-produced and equipped with technical building systems at the factory. Fira’s modules reduce the need for interior work on the construction site by up to 50 per cent. Most of the […]

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Fira Modules responds to a modern construction challenge

We at Fira are inquisitive: we like to peek over the neighbour’s fence and see what we could do differently. Modular construction (don’t stop now – we’ll explain the term in more detail) has become more widespread in the world over recent years, but in Finland, things have remained quiet on this front. We sent […]