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From hindsight to foresight

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better,” said the poet William Blake. Although this wisdom may sound old, its real application in business is surprisingly new. But we are not talking about corporate foresight as such. Based on the hundreds of interactive situations with our customers and stakeholders that we have experienced, Kalle […]

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Reach for the stars, and you will at least go further

I was travelling by train in China last year. During this journey, I discussed the potential of the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project with my colleagues, my voice tinged with doubt. The screen on the carriage’s wall began to show a TV programme about Rovio during the discussion. Peter Vesterbacka was being interviewed, and I mused out […]

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Catching new skills

Construction starts with engineering. Far too often, however, the lack of time and experience may lead to the end result being less than satisfactory. Especially the younger generation has not had the time to learn enough about cost awareness and optimisation. And no wonder: very few technical colleges emphasise how different solutions affect costs. On […]