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Crisis communication needs practice

While we will never be able to predict quite what will happen when a crisis hits, practising crisis communication is extremely important. At Fira, we organised an industrial accident drill in May at a location in Tikkurila in Vantaa, and the drill also included crisis communication. The occupational safety team began planning the drill with […]

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What does it mean to work at Fira?

I often see photos and humorous personal descriptions of employees companies have posted on social media and their own websites. This makes me think of what might be the best way for us at Fira to tell a little more about ourselves in our own unique way – to give a glimpse behind the scenes. […]

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Doing what’s best for staff

Modern human resource management is all about interaction. Bureaucratic operating models don’t support today’s work, since people’s life situations and roles vary a lot and are changing all the time. Many HR models are based on the needs of the HR bureaucracy, rather than taking the point of view of employees. As a result, responding […]

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A week in the life of a trainee site supervisor

Monday I’m starting a week-long mini-blog on a slow Monday morning. I’ve been in the job three weeks, and have had no time for blogging. My training began, as I hoped it would, by jumping right into the job at the deep end. From day one I was given responsible tasks, and have been kept […]

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Technology reduces friction

Real-time information saves time and costs by eliminating overlapping tasks. When we make use of current information in our operations, we are also increasing trust between our employees, customers and partners. Kaija Sellman, Deputy Country General Manager at IBM Finland, has predicted that the amount of data in the world will double every 18 months. […]

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Residential construction is about building homes for people profitably

Homes are meant for living in. In residential construction, the requirements for quality are high: an apartment is good when it is nice to live in. For the developer, however, it’s also important that the construction project is profitable. In other words, good residential construction combines a human-centred approach with profitability. Fira has participated in […]

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Commercial facilities are designed focusing on their purpose

Fira builds many types of facilities, from minor to major sites. Over the years, we have built car parks, logistics facilities and industrial and production facilities, as well as offices. Our commercial construction operations range from construction engineering to user-focused work based on dialogue. The purpose of the building determines much of the planning approach. […]

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The successful completion of modernisation projects depends on open cooperation

The modernisation of buildings, or renovation construction, is often challenging. Modernisation projects are typically fast-paced and complex. This requires a great deal from the project parties: the client, the users of the facilities, the designers and the implementing parties. The modernisation of buildings is a complex puzzle where it’s important to stay on schedule and […]

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Fira: construction for people – global markets in sight

In the construction industry, business mainly takes place between institutions. Companies are competing for plots of land, not for end customers. People are only seen as demand creators and users; the general belief is that as long as the location is right, properties will sell. This reminds us of the situation of encyclopaedia publishers faced […]

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Understanding the past enables better future

We here in Finland take almost everything for granted. We are used to breathe fresh air and drink clean water. There’s no food that’s missing from our grocery stores. We can buy all the gadgets there is. We have buildings that can be warm or cool, sunny or shady, big or small, made of concrete […]