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Crisis communication needs practice

While we will never be able to predict quite what will happen when a crisis hits, practising crisis communication is extremely important. At Fira, we organised an industrial accident drill in May at a location in Tikkurila in Vantaa, and the drill also included crisis communication. The occupational safety team began planning the drill with […]

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Doing what’s best for staff

Modern human resource management is all about interaction. Bureaucratic operating models don’t support today’s work, since people’s life situations and roles vary a lot and are changing all the time. Many HR models are based on the needs of the HR bureaucracy, rather than taking the point of view of employees. As a result, responding […]

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A week in the life of a trainee site supervisor

Monday I’m starting a week-long mini-blog on a slow Monday morning. I’ve been in the job three weeks, and have had no time for blogging. My training began, as I hoped it would, by jumping right into the job at the deep end. From day one I was given responsible tasks, and have been kept […]

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Catching new skills

Construction starts with engineering. Far too often, however, the lack of time and experience may lead to the end result being less than satisfactory. Especially the younger generation has not had the time to learn enough about cost awareness and optimisation. And no wonder: very few technical colleges emphasise how different solutions affect costs. On […]