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Habitation Modular construction

Modular building now and in the future

The modular building has come a long way from the modular bathroom pods of the 1970s. Module libraries are rapidly being created in Finland in collaboration with various operators in the construction industry, and the modular building practices of the future will enable flexible modification of flats and houses to suit residents’ life situations. Modular […]

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Group building for Sompasaarenlaituri

Sompasaarenlaituri is Fira’s second group building venture. The first was built in JätkäsaariMalagankatu 2, Helsinkiin Helsinki. Sompasaari has a special location in that the marine environment and the new built-up district create an invigorating living environment. Sompasaarenlaituri, our joint building venture, is a Hitassite, which is being built on land leased from the City of […]

Asuminen Construction Habitation Home Let's work together Rakentaminen

Residential construction is about building homes for people profitably

Homes are meant for living in. In residential construction, the requirements for quality are high: an apartment is good when it is nice to live in. For the developer, however, it’s also important that the construction project is profitable. In other words, good residential construction combines a human-centred approach with profitability. Fira has participated in […]

Change in housing Habitation Let's work together SiteDrive

Fira: construction for people – global markets in sight

In the construction industry, business mainly takes place between institutions. Companies are competing for plots of land, not for end customers. People are only seen as demand creators and users; the general belief is that as long as the location is right, properties will sell. This reminds us of the situation of encyclopaedia publishers faced […]

Change in housing Habitation

A home in a nutshell

The first 19 years of my life I lived in a single-family house, complete with garden and all, in a small town. But when I moved away to study, I suddenly had a lot less living space. Adjusting to living in a block of flats in a city took some time, but cooped up in […]

Habitation Plumbing renovations

A custom bathroom in four easy steps

At the planning stage of a pipe repair, all flats have the same, basic bathroom. A basic bathroom includes all ”necessary” fittings and utilities but, for obvious reasons, it is not possible to adjust the layout to the individual requirements of all residents. Customising the bathroom does not necessary require the input of an interior […]


How to increase the community feel in living?

Laura Kähkölä went a long way to see something that is close to home. A trip to India opened her eyes to new perspective on community thinking in Finland. A five-week respite from the Finnish winter, spent in a hammock under the palm trees in India, is now behind me and it’s time return to […]