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The benefits of modular construction – how much can you save?

April 18, 2019


The benefits of modular construction can be divided into three categories: design, construction and use. For designers, modularity means simplicity, as the modules integrate technical building systems, among other things.

You can read more about this in our blog post on design based on modularity.
In addition, prefabricated bathroom modules reduce work phases on construction sites, which we also touch on in our blog.

Savings in figures

The total cost of building a bathroom on-site is approximately €15,000. On average, some 100 bathrooms are built per apartment building. If these 100 bathrooms cost €20,000 to design, this comes to €200 per bathroom.

Bathrooms manufactured indoors in a factory setting cost about €10,000 each. Production lines can fabricate bathrooms to the tune of 10,000 units. More money can be spent on the design of factory-made products, which means the result will yield value all the way from the designer’s desk, through the developer and the builder, to the user.

For example, if €2m is spent on the design of one module, and 10,000 modules get manufactured, the cost is €200 per product. In simple terms, the same money will result in a higher quality bathroom with a better design when production is standardised. Smart bathrooms made on the same production line will result in savings for the designer, developer, and builder. Shorter project turnaround times also save money.

Traditional solution vs Fira Modules

Traditional solution vs Fira Modules

Smart bathroom modules simplify designs and speed up projects. The additional value of a prefabricated bathroom for each residence can be illustrated with an example:

Planning and design – €1,058 per apartment
  • Prefabricated bathroom modules reduce architectural, technical building system and design needs.
  • Modular solutions can be reproduced in future projects, avoiding the need for completely new designs.
Technical building systems – €553 per apartment
  • The module comes with most of the technical building systems pre-installed: heat, water, ventilation, and electricity.
  • The element is easy to install and simplifies work at the site.
  • The element includes integrated smart features, avoiding the need to install them later.
Installation and site work – €720 per apartment
  • Bathroom modules require half the interior work in each residence, which cuts some 100 hours for each bathroom.
  • Prefabricated modules require fewer construction materials and reduce the resulting waste.
  • Less complicated quality control: bathrooms built in a factory environment are not exposed to changing conditions during construction.
Total project schedule – €2,458 per apartment
  • Allows critical construction stages to be planned in a new way.
  • The overall completion time of projects can be reduced by months.
  • Significant impact on worksite costs, project progress, the value of the work, and expenses.
Life cycle – warranty period and use, €120 per apartment
  • Simplified warranty process.
  • The module’s smart features and capacity for updates bring additional value to the user through, for example, different applications, such as water and electricity consumption monitoring.
In total, this is €4,909 per apartment.

Modular construction brings both direct and indirect savings. The example above was calculated based on Fira’s experience and knowledge. If you are interested in smart bathroom modules, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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