Etusivu Firas’ Annual review 2020

Annual review 2020

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2020 / CEO's review

A strong year in a challenging operating environment

“The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 a very exceptional year. Many of us were concerned for our own health and the health of our family members and colleagues. The outlook on the market was initially very unclear. I am proud of how quickly we were able to adapt to the new situation and ensure the continuity of our business. We also decided on an additional investment in the digitalisation of construction sites. Our result improved considerably in 2020, and our company is now in excellent shape.“

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2020 / Fira’s year 2020 in numbers

Firas year in numbers 2020

Fira in brief

Solutions for changing construction

Fira develops internationally scalable market solutions for the systemic change of construction and for better customer service. The company is also a significant constructor in the Helsinki capital region of Finland.

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Technology enables a new era of construction. Fira, together with its networks of partners, is creating the future around scalable digital, modular and standardised solutions. The change in construction and the use of new technology are major drivers for boosting the productivity and appreciation of the entire industry.

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Fira Strategy 2020


The built environment plays an important role in view of people’s well-being

Fira’s aim is to allow for a sustainable built environment in which both people and nature feel well even after decades.

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Fira Smart / Review

Fira Smart

We develop new products, solutions and in the future to an increasing extent services that help shorten the implementation times of projects and improve construction quality.

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Construction services / Review

A strong year for the construction business despite the pandemic

Fira Oy’s construction business achieved a strong result in 2020. Development work progressed in several areas, and the implementation of our strategy proceeded as planned. The coronavirus pandemic caused a dip in the order book at the end of the year under review but it also accelerated the development work.

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Construction Services

Asuntorakentamisen katsaus 2020

Residential construction

Case: Postipuisto | A data-driven worksite

At the beginning of 2021, Fira’s six-storey residential building, consisting of 60 apartments, was completed on Postiljooninkatu in Postipuisto, Helsinki. Supervisors used a digital control room for worksite management, with data in different systems being displayed in clear visual views on screens in the worksite office.

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Lounavoima ekovoimalaitos

Commercial and office line

Case: Lounavoima ecological power plant | Homes heated with local energy

The modern low-emission plant generates heat for homes by converting non-recyclable municipal waste into local energy using state-of-the-art grate technology.

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Case: Aalto University in Töölö | Modernising a piece of Helsinki’s history

The renovation of the iconic Aalto University building in Töölö, designed by Woldemar Baeckman and Hugo Harmia, and built in the 1950s, was completed in the autumn of 2020. Fira Oy acted as the main contractor in cooperation with Caverion Finland Oy at the site protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

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Fira putkiremontit vuosikatsaus 2020

Pipe renovations

Case: As Oy Maria Jotunin tie 4-12 | Participating in design as a contractor

This is one of the largest pipeline renovation sites for Fira Oy. Work was started in November 2020, and the project is expected to be completed by February 2022. The site will be renovated as a project management contract. The large and well-managed housing company consists of eight buildings and 183 apartments.

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Fira Modules

Added value through standardisation

Fira Modules’ operations are based on standardised and mass-customisable bathroom and technical building system modules, assembled from predesigned options, which are easy to install in various frame solutions. This enables us to create more value for the customer compared with traditional bathroom elements.

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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