Etusivu Annual report 2017

Annual Report 2017

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Fira's direction

From the CEO

Last year was again a time of strong development and growth for Fira. Net sales increased by 29 per cent to EUR 217.4 million.

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Fira in brief

Cities grow and change with people, on their residents’ conditions. Fira is a growth company that wants to be part of this megatrend, modernising the construction business and developing it towards customer-centric service business.

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Fira suuntaa kohti ihmistä

Our Vision

People want to lead smooth, everyday lives at home and work. Digitalisation, new technologies and the platform economy facilitate services and smart solutions that make life easier for people.             ||||||| .

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Key figures

Key figures - Fira 2017

 Group’s net sales and number of personnel have grown profitably every year since 2009, and similar growth is expected to continue.

Business areas

Construction business

Fira’s year 2017 reached a grand conclusion when the company’s biggest contract agreement of all time was signed in December.

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Service concepts

Systematically testing new business ideas. “What if other builders were potential customers?”

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Smart solutions

Fira’s Smart Solutions Business completed the Starters round in 2017, giving four teams an opportunity to reform the construction industry in an agile way as Fira’s independent subsidiaries.

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