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Fira’s environmental policy

Fira’s environmental policy

Revolving around the business model

At Fira, responsibility starts with our service-oriented business model. We build and modernise properties based on needs only, and always in close interaction with the customer. Through human interaction and modern technology, we make a positive impact on the quality of life, as well as the functionality and sustainability of society as a whole. New ideas and digitalisation enable increasingly scalable and influential business.

We develop and apply data-based solutions that help reduce loss and waste during design and construction. At the same time, this improves productivity and helps save the environment. We design housing and living solutions with which residents can influence their living environment. This means we can offer healthier, inexpensive and environmentally more responsible alternatives to our customers. Examples of our solutions include cooperative housing, joint building ventures, the use of renewable sources and distributed generation of energy, modular construction, as well as new software products that support efficient work and customer decision-making.

New technologies, user-centric applications, digital services and new attitudes contribute to a more democratic way of constructing properties for the good of people, society and the environment.  At Fira, we drive this change under the title of Building Movement. Our business is strongly based on our values and built on trust, transparency and caring.

Environmental targets for 2023

Fira aims to be a pioneer in the development of environmentally efficient construction methods. We apply digital tools throughout the process, from design to construction and use, to improve the environmental efficiency of our end products. Thanks to the digital solutions, we can always use the latest knowledge of materials and innovations.

We take account of environmental aspects in all operations throughout the supply chain, including every Fira employee, all of our partners and other stakeholders with whom we work. We strive to improve responsibility in cooperation with our partners and aim to provide optimal living environments for everyone. We promote environmental responsibility in the following ways:

  • We use digital tools throughout the lifecycle of our products to improve environmental efficiency.
  • We minimise waste by forwarding excess material to reuse and recycling it as efficiently as possible.
  • We actively focus on reducing energy and water consumption in the built environment in all of our operations, from design to use and maintenance.
  • During construction work, we strive to reduce the noise, dust and other emissions of our sites.
  • We involve our partners in actively developing environmental responsibility.
  • In cooperation with our suppliers, we develop the supply chain in order to minimise loss of materials and time in all phases of our processes.

In our partnerships, we take the initiative and support our customers in making environmentally responsible choices.

We find it important to practice what we preach and therefore we train all members of our community to know and abide by Fira’s environmental policy and its goals. This means that every Fira employee takes responsibility for achieving these goals in their day-to-day work.

Fira has ISO 14001:2015 Certificate.