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How about letting people take charge?

For us, building and construction can only be based on people. We should let the city grow with the people and build it together. Our ambition is to bring building closer to people. By shedding light on the mechanisms of building and bringing people to the fore, we are looking to promote change the business. Let’s bring the people on board to build a smarter society and a living city.

Our values

Care, trust and transparency

Our values constitute the foundation of all our operations. A better city can be built only when surrounded by a culture that trusts and listens to people. Our ambition is openness – on the worksite, in the office and in all interaction with our customers.

Together we have made Fira an expanding and successful business. We want to be pioneers in both customer service and new technologies. Eager to try new things, our dynamic team does not shy away from challenges

Key indicators

Fira was established in 2002. During our journey, we have moved from expert-driven concrete construction to a strong customer focus and from there towards a focus on people and customer service. Fira Group includes a diverse range of new development, renovation, housing and pipe renovation projects in which Fira Oy acts as the main contractor.

We are changing the construction industry towards a customer-driven service business. We make use of digitalisation and new technologies to develop solutions and services that make life easier. Our goal is to grow internationally with a focus on scalable, smart business.

Fira Group’s net sales have grown since 2009. Fira has around 300 employees.  Fira Group’s head office is located in Vantaa, Finland.

Read more about Fira’s last year from the annual review.

Firas year in numbers 2020

At Fira, responsibility starts with our service-oriented business model. We build and modernise properties based on needs only, and always in close interaction with the customer. Through human interaction and modern technology, we make a positive impact on the quality of life, as well as the functionality and sustainability of society as a whole. → See our environmental policy here!

Environmental policy


Contact information

Anne Ahtiainen

Senior Data Specialist
Fira Smart Services

Antti Immonen

Cost Accounting Manager
+358 400 537 010

Antti Kauppila

Development manager
+358 40 124 7272

Antti Lampinen

Product Owner
Fira Sitedrive
+358 50 368 8321

Heidi Elfström

Recruitment Manager

Hely Taurén

HR Specialist

Henri Mämmi

Commercial Construction
+358 50 346 9076

Henry Salo

Business Director
Fira Modules
+358 50 590 2091

Ilmo Pöntinen

Project Manager, Sales
Pipe renovations
+358 400 262 500

Jaakko Viitanen

Development Director
+358 50 414 7721

Jari Koivu

Fira Oy
+358 40 502 4268

Jarmo Kärkkäinen

Head of IT
+358 40 539 7756

Jenni Mattila

Lead Designer
Fira Smart Services

Jonas Meling

Digital Marketing Manager
+358 40 7716813

Juha Lanne

Senior Residential Developer
Residential construction
+358 40 5250344

Juha Piironen

Head of Production
Pipe renovations
+358 40 679 5218

Jussi Aho

+358 40 826 1146

Jyrki Sivén

Head of Production
Commercial Construction
+358 40 7738729

Jyrki Siven

Project Manager
+358 40 773 8729

Katja Koskivirta

HR assistant
+358 40 825 2309

Kimmo Kärkkäinen

Fira Group
+358 40 562 2757

Kukka Eerola

Communications and Marketing Manager

Lauri Kaunisvirta

Sales & Customer success
+358 44 564 4872

Mervi Leikas

Chief Human Resources Officer
+358 50 5422 097

Miikka Hämäläinen

Group Controller
Fira Group

Mika Karkulahti

Verstas Manager
+358 50 564 1125

Mikko Anttila

Procurement Director
+358 40 137 4035

Nina Pulkkinen

Service coordinator
+358 401869839

Otto Alhava

+358 400 792 493

Pekka Sipponen

+358 40 513 3035

Sakari Pesonen

Account Executive
Fira Smart Services
+358 40 1207442

Sami Kokkonen

Pipe renovations
+358 400 204 250

Sami Purtola

Operative director
Fira Modules
+358 40 7263112

Sari Leinonen

Director, Digital leap
Smart Services
+358 40 525 9288

Sari Paukku

Quality Manager

Seppo Keronen

Disruptive Innovation
Innovation Team
+358 449897441

Sylvia Hyry

HR Manager
+358 400 350 835

Tero Vanhanen

Phenomenon Creator
+358 50 360 2276

Tomi Pitkäranta

Development Manager
+358 40 765 1015

Topi Laine

Residential construction
+358 400 792 492

Tuomas Hakulinen

Customer Success Specialist
Fira Sitedrive
+358 44 529 2646

Tuomas Lankinen

Category Manager
Project Development, Commercial and office construction
+358 44 378 6454

Ville Sireni

Head of Residential
+358 50 5744 859