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We build spaces perfectly tailored for how they will be used. Our projects are based on cooperation, from the design phase all the way to commissioning. We use digital tools to build smarter.

Urban Infill

Urban infill enables housing cooperatives to tap into unused land. They can use the revenues to implement costly renovations and other projects.

Verstas workshops

In construction, projects often consist of a chain of actions carried out by different parties, and the builders don’t necessarily ever meet any of the future residents. At Workshop, we will turn this around: we invite all parties to design spaces and their future uses together, right from the start.

Group building

Group building create individually designed housing, as the projects are carried out by a group of private individuals. Join us in creating better cities!

Pipe renovation

Our idea is brilliantly simple: we offer hassle-free pipe renovation projects for residents, shareholders and other stakeholders. We aim to provide the best service experience in the field.

Fira Sitedrive

Siterive is a modern scheduling software, born out of the construction firms' needs to match schedules and workforce


Fira Starters is a discovery program for start-ups and start-up minded people with urban ideas.

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Join the Building Movement

A city never stops. It lives and grows with its people. New city structures always create new forms of community.

Construction affects our daily lives. It determines how we live, where we go and how we spend our free time. We need – and we deserve – better buildings. We can make a difference by listening to people and making the construction process more transparent.

Let’s build better cities together.

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