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Do you lack ability to scale your business globally?

Fira offers superb public API's for contech (construction technology) and global reach with extensive partner cluster. Fira's marketing and sales engine generates leads and business opportunities for you.

Having troubles supporting your users globally?

Fira offers helpdesk and user community tools to maintain your product relevant to end-users. You don't have to care about user problems (that much). Fira's first line support 24/7 keeps your customers happy and productive. You can focus on developing your killer app.

Don't know how to test your killer app in real environment?

Have no fear! Fira's Helsinki Hub is widely used among other contech companies like yours. You're welcome to bring your solution to our jobsite and prove it's real value.

Worried about cashflow?

We share your worry! When you close a deal through our place you receive your money immediately without waiting for 30-120 days.

Need more data?

We have it all! We've been in construction business since 2002. With Fira you have access to all relevant open datasets. You can also hook up with other contech companies and use and share even more data among other parties in Fira ecosystem.

Lack of analytical capabilities?

Fira has joined with leading analytics companies to ease your pain. You can access these libraries via Fira API's and develop your intelligent software to the next level.

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Transparent ecosystem for contech companies to scale business globally and achieve optimal customer experience.

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